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Force control synthesis for task-space controlled industrial robots

Vendor-neutral, transferable robot skills for flexible production systems
: Halt, Lorenz; Verl, Alexander

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Robotik -DGR-:
DGR Days 2017. Proceedings : November, 27-29, 2017, Bremen
Bremen, 2017
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Robotik (DGR Days) <2017, Bremen>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Kraftregelung; Industrieroboter; task oriented programming

To program flexible production systems, skillbased robot programming utilizes the abstraction of skills. Skills encapsulate robotic capabilities and can be composed to complex robot applications. Skill-based robot applications are vendor-neutral. However, generalized skills are prone to conservative control performances due to unmodeled dynamic behavior. A systematic control synthesis is the missing step towards vendor-neutral, transferable robot skills for flexible production systems. In this work an almost time-optimal control approach SVSC is applied to the task function approach iTaSC. An identified task-space state-space system model is used for control synthesis. The synthesis results from the solution of a convex optimization problem. Different syntheses are compared and evaluated for robot force control. This research contributes by addressing control synthesis in task-space approaches and experimental evaluation of SVSC within the domain of robot control.