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Technology transfer from polytechnics and universities in Germany. Some "best practices"

: Koschatzky, Knut; Heijs, Joost

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Ekonomiaz 94 (2018), Nr.2, S.157-177
ISSN: 0213-3865
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technology transfer model; German vocational and training system; models of science industrial cooperation

In this paper we study «best practices» of some German institutionalised transfer models directly based on the experience available in the educational institutions. Our paper addresses three major questions: (1) How is the model organised and for which agents does it work? (2) What are the main critical success factors of the model and which are the constraints or requirements for a good implementation in other countries or regions? (3) What is the level of success of the model? Our analysis includes the Steinbeis model of technology transfer, the Institutes of Applied Research, and the Research Campus - Partnerships for Innovations. Analysing critical success factors and the transferability of the German technology transfer models we have to take into account the difference of the economic and educational model and the potential of the innovation system. Therefore the introduction of similar models in other countries, like the case of Spain, has to take such differences into account by adapting the models to national or local circumstances.