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Attenuation of vibrations with particle filled hollow sphere structures

Presentation held at 5th International Conference on Cellular Materials, CellMAT 2018, 24 - 26 October 2018, Bad Staffelstein, Germany
Schwingungsdämpfung mit partikelgefüllten Hohlkugelstrukturen
: Jehring, Ulrike; Quadbeck, Peter; Hohlfeld, Jörg; Andersen, Olaf; Kieback, Bernd

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2018, 17 Folien
International Conference on Cellular Materials (CellMAT) <5, 2018, Bad Staffelstein>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
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particle filled hollow sphere; attenuation of vibration; lightweight construction; cellular metal

Noise vibration harshness (NVH) is an important issue in mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, since such vibrations have an impact on the precision and lifetime of machines or the comfort of vehicles. Thus, attenuation is needed, which is typically related with increased masses or enormous technical efforts. In order to reduce the mass of vibrational damping elements, in the present work a new approach of passive attenuation has been proposed. In this approach internal cavities filled with bulk powder has been used in order to dissipate vibrational energy. Therefore, ultralight metal materials have been realized by steel hollow sphere structures filled with ceramic powder. This technology allows attenuation values up to 0.2, which exceeds conventional polymers by a factor 10 and aluminium foams by a factor 100. Furthermore, an analytical model has been introduced, which correlates the relevant excitation frequency and vibration amplitudes with the material design parameters. Finally, the ultrahigh damping material has been applied in a milling slide in order to increase the milling precision of the component. This has been constructively implemented by welded sandwiches, which consist of particle filled steel hollow sphere structures acting as core layer. As a result, the attenuation of the milling slide has been improved by a factor 5 in comparison to the original construction.