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Schaltbares Infrarotfilter

Switchable infrared filter for e.g. protecting infrared detectors, has carrier material with diamond foil having thickness of about ten to forty micrometers and very small thermal capacity, where foil is coated with dielectric layer
: Wild, C.; Woerner, E.; Obloh, H.

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DE 102005011723 A: 20050315
DE 2005-102005011723 A: 20050315
WO 2006-EP724 A: 20060127
DE 102005011723 B3: 20060824
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Schaltbares Infrarotfilter, bestehend aus einem Traegermaterial, auf welchem zumindest einseitig eine Filterschicht aus einem thermochromen Material angeordnet und welches mit einer Heizeinrichtung verbindbar ist, wobei das Traegermaterial eine Diamantfolie mit einer Dicke von 10 Mikro m bis 40 Mikro m umfasst.


DE 102005011723 B3 UPAB: 20060911 NOVELTY - The filter has carrier material, and a filter layer that is made up of thermochrome material e.g. Vanadium oxide, arranged on the carrier material. A heating device is connected with the carrier material. The carrier material has a diamond foil with a thickness of about 10 to 40 micrometers and a very small thermal capacity. The foil is coated with a dielectric layer. The carrier material is also connected with a heat sink (4). USE - Used for modulating a light beam and for protecting infrared detectors and optical sensors against laser radiation. Can also be used in a measuring technique. ADVANTAGE - The diamond foil of the carrier material has a very small thermal capacity, thus requiring a small thermal energy for heating up the filter. The foil is made up of diamond, which has very high thermal conductivity, and hence enabling homogenous distribution of heat over the surface of the filter. The temperature of the filter drops very fast after switching off the heat supply, and hence increasing the switching speed of the filter. The diamond foil is coated with a dielectric layer, thus minimizing reflection losses, and hence increasing the transmission of the filter.