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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Erzeugen eines Aerosols

Aerosol e.g. solid aerosol, producing method, involves discharging gas flows into defined mixing space, loading gas flows with fine particles in mixing space and discharging produced aerosol from mixing space via outlet
: Geissler, A.; Henning, F.; Karle, H.; Diemert, J.

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DE 102005013703 A: 20050324
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EP 2006-5729 A: 20060321
DE 102005013703 A1: 20061005
EP 1704927 A2: 20060927
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Die Erfindung beinhaltet Verfahren zum Erzeugen eines Aerosols, wobei zwei Gasstroeme im Gegenstrom in einen abgegrenzten Mischraum eingeleitet werden und in dem Mischraum mit feinen Partikeln beladen werden und das erzeugte Aerosol aus dem Mischraum ueber einen Auslass abgefuehrt wird. Weiter beinhaltet die Erfindung eine Vorrichtung zum Erzeugen eines Aerosols mit einem Mischraum, bei der der Mischraum mindestens zwei einander gegengerichtete Gaseinlaesse aufweist.


EP 1704927 A2 UPAB: 20061013 NOVELTY - The method involves discharging gas flows into a defined mixing space (3). The gas flows are loaded with fine particles in the defined mixing space, where the fine particles are discharged to the mixing space via an injector nozzle. Produced aerosol is discharged from the mixing space via an outlet. Substances formed from particles of the aerosol are directly introduced to the mixing space via a substance line. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a device for producing aerosol. USE - Used for producing aerosol e.g. solid and liquid aerosol, that is utilized in bio process engineering during pulverized coal combustion, combustion of polymer agglomerate, for applying cleaning, protecting and disinfection medium or deodorizing medium in structural engineering during renovation of old building or cleaning of a channel, an exhaust gas system, an air conditioning system and a filter system, for providing vegetable, human and animal with feed, in medical engineering, for application of different pharmaceutical active agents, as a carrier medium for scent, and as a cooling or lubrication medium for machine tools. ADVANTAGE - The method produces the aerosol such that it has a controllable stationary flow profile with adjustable homogeneous product flow and with small particle portions.