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Isolated aggregates of lymphoid cells in the inner bronchial wall in asthma patients

: Tschernig, Thomas; Pabst, Reinhard; Prenzler, Frauke; Rittinghausen, Susanne; Braun, Armin; Hohlfeld, Jens M.


Cell and tissue research 374 (2018), Nr.2, S.423-425
ISSN: 0302-766X
ISSN: 1432-0878
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
Bronchial asthma; BALT; isolated aggregated lymphoid cell; tertiary lymphoid tissue; autoimmunity

Here, we report findings in volunteers with bronchial asthma. Biopsies were obtained from the inner bronchial wall before and a short time again after segmental allergen provocation. In most of the baseline biopsies and in all evaluable biopsies after segmental allergen provocation, the follicular lymphoid tissue was detected by immunohistochemistry in the epithelium of these asthmatic patients. The basic occurrence of the tertiary lymphoid tissue in the bronchial mucosa of mild asthmatics was unexpected and may have consequences for the interpretation of pathophysiology, e.g., as a cause or consequence of bronchial asthma.