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Hybrid correction of thermal errors using temperature and deformation sensors

: Naumann, Christian; Brecher, Christian; Baum, Christoph; Tzanetos, F.; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen; Putz, Matthias

TU Dresden, Institut für Maschinenelemente und Maschinenkonstruktion:
Conference on Thermal Issues in Machine Tools 2018. Proceedings : 21.-23. März 2018, Dresden
Zwickau: Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten, 2018
ISBN: 978-3-95735-085-5
Conference on Thermal Issues in Machine Tools <2018, Dresden>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Kennfeld; Korrektur; Thermo-Elastische Verformung; Kompensation; thermischer Fehler; IDS; Sensoren; Temperatur; TCP

Thermo-elastic deformations are one of the most significant sources of production inaccuracies in cutting machine tools today. There are numerous methods to model, monitor and correct or compensate these thermal errors in machine tools. Among the indirect correction methods count the characteristic diagram based correction and the correction based on integral deformation sensors (IDS). Both are briefly described and their strengths and weaknesses are discussed. Following this, ways of combining both methods to overcome their respective weaknesses are discussed. A hybrid correction method is proposed which uses characteristic diagrams to derive a relationship between online IDS measurements and the actual tool-center-point (TCP) displacement. Experiments carried out on a 3-axis machine tool demonstrate the effectiveness of both correction methods.