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Particle measurement of hardcopy devices

: Wensing, M.; Pinz, G.; Bednarek, M.; Schripp, T.; Uhde, E.; Salthammer, T.

Oliveira Fernandes, E. de ; International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate -ISIAQ-, Ottawa; Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica, Porto:
HB 2006 healthy buildings. Creating a healthy indoor environment for people. Proceedings. CD-ROM : Lisboa, 4-8 June 2006
Espoo: ISIAQ, 2006
S.461-464 (Vol.II)
Healthy Buildings Conference <2006, Lisboa>
Fraunhofer WKI ()
hardcopy device; particle emission; VOC; SVOC; chamber measurement

The present work describes the investigation of the particle emissions of hardcopy devices (laser printers and multi-function devices) in the current printer operation. The measurements took place under standardized climatic boundary conditions (temperature, humidity and air exchange) in a 1 m3 glass emission test chamber. As measuring instruments a Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) as well as an optical particle counter were used. The results of these investigations show that within the range of 7 nm to 20 µm particle emissions are detectable. The results point on the fact that here beside toner particles also aerosols generated during the printing process can be responsible.