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Support for applied research. Modification of institute's profiles

Example: "Government Research Centre" of the Russian Federation
: Joehnk, P.; Lademann, J.; Henn, D.
: Heinz, K.; Meyer, K.
: Europäische Union; Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit -BMWA-; Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung -BMBF-

Bonn: BMBF, 2006, 130 S.
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
EU-Förderprogramm; Technical Aid to the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS)

I. Executive summary
1. Introduction
This document is a summary of the results obtained by the members of work package 3 within the TACIS-project "Innovations and Strategy in the Use of Intellectual Property". The task of work package 3 at the beginning of the project in June 2005 was the following. On the basis of the experience of the German "Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft" and "Leibniz-Gemeinschaft" the transferability of its characteristic features to a national research centre of the Russian Federation is to be evaluated by way of example. The Russian partner institute was the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics (IPCP) in Chernogolovka.
Materials and documents about different examples of evaluation procedures and instruments according to the profile of the research institutions in Germany were provided, the practical experience was exchanged with Russian experts. It showed up that it will be useful to have a discussion on the general aims and objectives of evaluation procedures and the possible consequences for the research institutions. Therefore the German and the Russian experts compared in a more detailed way evaluation instruments used in Germany and those of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, based on concrete practise.
During the work within wp 3 it turned out that the aim of the project has strong accordance with the "Strategy of the Russian Federation in the field of science and innovation until 2010" of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (MON). Therefore the MON had strong interest in the results of work package 3. The German experts of work package 3 contributed to the comments of the German TACIS expert group on this strategy paper and stressed the necessity of target oriented and transparent evaluation procedures for different research institutions with the application of appropriate instruments, aiming an efficient and well structured research landscape. The result of the intensive discussion at work package 3 was an increased interest by the MON in the experience of the German experts in this field. The highlight of these efforts was the joint participation of German and Russian experts at a Round Table Discussion at the Ministry in Moscow in July 2006 where the members of wp 3 explained German experiences in science management and the results of the project to approximately 80 participants from the ministry and different Russian scientific institutions. The statements were published at the Internet. The importance of the subject was stressed by the participation of the Russian Deputy Minister Mr. D. Livanov.
Beside these actions other German experts were involved to support the IPCP in planning a Technology Transfer Centre.