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Wafer direct bonding with ambient pressure plasma activation

: Gabriel, M.; Johnson, B.; Suss, R.; Reiche, M.; Eichler, M.


Microsystem Technologies (2006), Nr.12, S.397-400
ISSN: 0946-7076
Fraunhofer IST ()

Ambient pressure plasma processes were applied for surface activation of semiconductor (Si, Ge and GaAs) and other wafers (glass) before direct wafer bonding for MEMS and engineered substrates. Surface properties of activated wafers were analysed. Caused by activation high bond energies were obtained for homogeneous (e.g. Si/Si) as well as for heterogeneous material combinations (for instance Si/Ge) after a subsequent low temperature annealing process at 200°C. The resulting bond energies are analogous or higher as obtained for low-pressure plasma activation processes. The advantages of the ambient pressure plasma processes are described; a technical solution is discussed demonstrating the low risk for contamination and radiation damage.