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Enabling direct laser writing of cellulose-based submicron architectures

: Rothammer, M.; Heep, M.-C.; Freymann, G. von; Zollfrank, C.


Cellulose 25 (2018), Nr.10, S.6031-6039
ISSN: 0969-0239
ISSN: 1572-882X
Fraunhofer ITWM ()
Cellulose methacrylate; Bio-based photoresist; Direct laser writing; Submicron patterning

We report on the first and versatile cellulose-based photoresist, which can be applied in direct laser writing and allows the fabrication of structures with a resolution of less than 1 μm and a feature size of less than 500 nm via two-photon absorption. Therefore, cellulose diacetate is functionalised with methacrylic acid anhydride to introduce photo-crosslinkable side groups into the cellulose chain. The photoresist consists of the methacrylated cellulose diacetate and a photoinitiator both dissolved in acetone. The cellulose-based photoresist can be applied to generate two- and three-dimensional hierarchical structures and clears the way to the design and fabrication of biomimetic architectures solely made from biopolymers.