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Integration of variants handling in M-system NT

: Zeeshan, A.
: Trendowicz, A.; Wickenkamp, A.; Gustavsson, R.

Ronneby, 2006, VI, 21 S.
Ronneby, Blekinge Institue of Technology, Master Thesis, 2006
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IESE ()
software measurement; software product line; variability; commonality; M-System NT

This Master thesis proposes a solution to manage variabilities of software product line applications. The objective of the research is to support software decision makers in handling additional software complexity introduced by product line architectures. In order to fulfill this objective an approach to analyze, visualize, and measure product line specific characteristics of the C/C++ source code are proposed. The approach is validated in by using an open source software system. For that purpose the approach is first implemented into M-System-NT®1, an existing software measurement tool developed at Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software engineering. Targeted goal of the research master thesis is to perform static analysis of preprocess C/C++ source code, calculate the product line measures and indicate the fault proneness.