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A conclusive concept for three-dimensional imaging based on efficient steering and focusing of an ultrasonic 2D-array

: Spies, M.; Rieder, H.; Didion, C.; Santraine, B.; Licht, R.; Gebhardt, W.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V. -DGZfP-, Berlin; European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing -EFNDT-:
9th European Conference on NDT. ECNDT Berlin 2006. CD-ROM : September 25 - 29, 2006
Berlin: DGZfP, 2006 (DGZfP Proceedings BB 103-CD)
ISBN: 3-931381-86-2
European Conference on NDT (ECNDT) <9, 2006, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
beam field; transducer; ultrasonic; modeling; interface; coefficient

A 16-by-16 element array is operated at a center frequency of 2.25 MHz using a 256-channel transmitter system. Reception is performed with a subset of elements of the array or with a separate single element probe. The beam fields generated in water have been simulated and compared to experiments with excellent agreement. 3D imaging of defects inside components has been addressed only by electronic steering and focusing to various depths of the inspected component. Work has also been done using an 8-by-8 element array.