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A typology for management innovations: Analyzing the actual state of art and conducting case study research

: Gebauer, Heiko; Haldimann, M.; Jennings Saul, C.


European journal of innovation management : EJIM 20 (2017), Nr.4, S.514-533
ISSN: 1460-1060
Fraunhofer IMW ()
management practice; innovation process; management innovation; base-of-the-pyramid market; innovation activity

The purpose of this paper is to develop a typology of management innovations. The authors apply a multiple-case (embedded) design, with each organization representing a case, which entails a few embedded units of analysis. Case studies are about the base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) initiatives, during which all organizations are interested in management innovations which support them in coming up with and implementing between two and four new management practices. The findings suggest four types of management innovations: efficiency-driven, externally recommended, problem-oriented, and opportunity-oriented management innovation. This paper explores and analyses management innovations, rather than testing them. As with most qualitative research, the transferability of the findings is limited. Managers should vigorously pursue management innovations, not only in BoP markets, but also in all markets. Practitioners must, however, ensure that they are not fully absorbed by a single type of management innovation, and recognize the importance of pursing multiple ones. For academics, the authors revitalize the concept of engaged scholarship. Surprisingly, previous research looks either into generic or specific management innovations. The typology is original, since the typology offers a more fine-grained view on management innovations.