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Anticorrosive primers with reduced zinc content - effect of zinc pigment modification

: Wanner, Matthias; Aktas, Lukas; Hilt, Michael

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Erstellt am: 28.8.2018

Hilt, M. ; Federation of Associations of Technicians in the Paint, Varnish, Enamel, and Printing-Ink Industries of Continental Europe -FATIPEC-; The Oil & Colour Chemists' Association -OCCA-:
ETCC 2018, European Technical Coatings Congress. Book of Abstracts : 26-29 June 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, 2018
23 Folien
European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) <4, 2018, Amsterdam>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Korrosionsschutz; Zink; Pigment

The studies intend to explore, how far a combination of pigment variations with standard zinc pigment could contribute to improved anticorrosive properties, to decreased overall zinc content and therefore to enhanced adhesion on imperfectly prepared surfaces. Variations performed here concern: shape, dimension and concentration of zinc pigment; surface treatment of zinc pigment; use of zinc alloy pigments; metal precipitation on zinc pigment surface; addition of inert conductivity additives. Moreover two sophisticated new characterization methods are proposed, which support the selection of promising trial formulations.