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Type II superlattice infrared photodetector research at Fraunhofer IAF

: Stadelmann, Tim; Daumer, Volker; Gramich, Vera; Hugger, Tsvetelina; Kirste, Lutz; Klinger, Vera; Kohn, Norbert; Luppold, Wolfgang; Müller, Raphael; Niemasz, Jasmin; Rehm, Robert; Rutz, Frank; Schmidt, Johannes; Walther, Martin; Wauro, Matthias; Wörl, Andreas


Andresen, Björn F. (Ed.) ; Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers -SPIE-, Bellingham/Wash.:
Infrared Technology and Applications XLIV : 15 - 19 April 2018, Orlando, Florida, United States
Bellingham, WA: SPIE, 2018 (Proceedings of SPIE 10624)
Paper 106240J, 8 S.
Conference on Infrared Technology and Applications <44, 2018, Orlando/Fla.>
Fraunhofer IAF ()

Through the choice of appropriate layer thicknesses, the bandgap of InAs/Ga(As)Sb type II superlattices (T2SLs)can be engineered in a wide range covering the mid-wavelength and long-wavelength infrared (MWIR, 3 µm{5 µm and LWIR, 8 µm{12 µm) spectral regions. Using this material system, Fraunhofer IAF develops bi-spectral MWIR image sensors based on homojunction photodiodes for missile warning applications and pursues modern heterojunction approaches as well as heteroepitaxial growth of T2SLs on GaAs. We discuss topics arising from efforts to improve the manufacturability of our bi-spectral arrays and report on the progress of the integration with MWIR heterojunction designs that exhibit reduced dark currents.