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The photolysis of pure and mixed palladium acetate thin films

: Töpper, M.; Stolle, T.; Wäsche, M.

Journal of information recording 23 (1996), S.209-221
ISSN: 1025-6008
Fraunhofer IZM ()

The photochemical features of pure Palladium acetate thin films, thin films of BCB prepolymers, mixtures of both and mixtures of Palladium acetate with 2.6-Bis have been investigated by UV-Vis- and XPS-spectrometry. The Pd2+-ions of these films show no change of their oxidation level by exposition to light of 222 or 254nm. In contrast to laser exposition, the organic part of the Palladium acetate molecule is not destroyed, but cross-linked. The components of mixed layers with Palladium acetate mentioned above show an activation effect to light of wavelengths up to 365 snf 436 nm. A process for maufacturing metallic microstructures by use of standard aligner technology used in microelectronics is described.