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Simulation of dynamical and acoustical behavior of punching machines by way of a TRUMPF punching machine

Simulation des strukturdynamischen und akustischen Verhaltens von Stanzmaschinen
: Kranz, B.

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CAD-FEM GmbH, Grafing:
24th CADFEM Users' Meeting 2006. CD-ROM : International Congress on FEM Technology with 2006 German Ansys Conference. 25. - 27. Oktober 2006, Stuttgart/Fellbach
München, 2006
ISBN: 3-937523-03-0
CAD-FEM Users' Meeting <24, 2006, Fellbach>
International Congress on FEM Technology <2006, Fellbach>
Internationale FEM-Technologietage <2006, Fellbach>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWU ()
structural dynamics; acoustic; FEM; BEM; structure-borne sound; sound emission; punching; Strukturdynamik; Akustik; Körperschall; Schallabstrahlung; Stanzen

Punching is a highly efficient processing step of sheet metal. However, it can beconnected with an enormous noise emission. To compare structural variants simulate concerning the sound radiation already during the design phase it is necessary to of the structural-dynamics and the acoustic behavior. This is done based on a CAD model of the punching machine frame by means of modal analysis and harmonic response analysis.
The results of the harmonic response analysis can be evaluated by ANSYS/SBSOUND concerning structure borne sound. Based on these results direct sound radiation computations are carried out for selected frequencies and their results are compared both with the results of the structure borne sound evaluation and with measured sound pressure values.