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PowerCaps: New Hybrid Systems for Different Applications. Feasibility study for research on new high power and high energy storage cells and their production technology providing the basis for a future mass production in Baden-Württemberg

Presentation held at Battery Research & Innovation Forum, 15. und 16. März 2018, Frankfurt am Main
: Boonen, Laura

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2018, 32 Folien
Battery Research & Innovation Forum <2018, Frankfurt am Main>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Batterie; Intralogistik; supercapacitor; Machbarkeitsstudie; Baden-Württemberg; Produktionstechnologie

The research project FastStorage BW II is presented. In the project a cell was developed combining the advantages of NiMH batteries & supercapacitors. For this cells the application development focused on intralogistics.
One project result was the development of a high-performance cell with an internal resistance < 2mΩ, impedance < 1mΩ and an energy and power density of 30 Wh/kg & 1.3 kW/kg for HVC 32600
At Fraunhofer IPA researchers focused on the elaboration and exemplary implementation of a cluster concept for decentralized, network integrated production of round cells
The industry partner VARTA Microbatteries GmbH produced >5,000 PowerCap cells for modules & demonstrators.
Within the project, the partners achieved the successful development of PowerCaps modules including battery management for various applications including the automated module production by robot welding system.
Partners from the intralogistics sector focused in the integration and demonstration operation of storage and retrieval systems and driverless transport system (mobile logistics assistant).