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Flexible long-range surface plasmon polariton single-mode waveguide for optical interconnects

: Vernoux, Christian; Chen, Yiting; Markey, Laurent; Spärchez, Cosmin; Arocas, Juan; Felder, Thorsten; Neitz, Marcel; Brusberg, Lars; Weeber, Jean-Claude; Bozhevolnyi, Sergey I.; Dereux, Alain

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Optical Materials Express 8 (2018), Nr.2, S.469-484
ISSN: 2159-3930
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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We present the design, fabrication and characterization of long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguide arrays with materials, mainly silicones, carefully selected with the aim to be used as mechanically flexible single-mode optical interconnections, the so-called “plasmonic arc” working at 1.55μm. The fabricated plasmonic arcs show a TM/TE polarization ratio of ~25 dB. By using the cut-back method, the straight propagation loss at 1.55μm is estimated to 0.5-1 dB/mm and coupling loss to ~1-2 dB/facet after dicing. In the free-standing S-curved configuration, the bending loss of single cladding plasmonic arc is 2.2-2.8 dB/90° at bending radius 2.5 mm. For double cladding plasmonic arcs, it is decreased to 0.7-1.7 dB/90° for the same radius. The coupling loss with single-mode glass PCB waveguides is estimated to be 1.7 dB/interface in the best condition.