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EU-CIRCLE methodological approach for assessing the resilience of the interconnected critical infrastructures of the virtual city scenario to climate change

: Katopodis, Theodoros; Sfetsos, Athanasios; Varela, Vasiliki; Karozis, S.; Karavokyros, G.; Eftychidis, G.; Gkotsis, I.; Leventakis, G.; Hedel, Ralf; Koutiva, I.; Makropoulos, C.

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Energetika 64 (2018), Nr.1, S.23-31
ISSN: 0235-7208
ISSN: 1822-8836
European Commission EC
H2020; 653824; EU-CIRCLE
A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change
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risk assessment; European critical infrastructures; climate change

This paper introduces a methodological approach for identifying the resilience of interconnected EU critical infrastructures to climate change. The proposed approach tries to establish a consequence-based modelling framework for assessing climate-dependent causal relationships between CI operation and response to climate impacts with an aim to minimise disruptions to service flows under diverse conditions. The proposed study provides a description of the virtual city’s forest fire and smoke reference scenario with their optional damages to the electricity transmission and distribution network.