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Failure mode maps for four-point-bending of hybrid sandwich structures with carbon fiber reinforced plastic face sheets and aluminum foam cores manufactured by a polyurethane spraying process

: Rupp, Peter; Elsner, Peter; Weidenmann, K.A.


Journal of sandwich structures & materials 21 (2019), Nr.8, S.2654-2679
ISSN: 1099-6362
ISSN: 1530-7972
Fraunhofer ICT ()
sandwich structures; beam flexure; failure mode maps; metallic foam; X-rays

This work focuses on failure mode maps of sandwich panels exposed to bending load, which were produced using a polyurethane spraying process. This process allows for an automated production of sandwich panels omitting a separate bonding step of the face sheets to the core. The investigated sandwich panels consisted of carbon fiber reinforced face sheets in various configurations, and four different core structures of aluminum foam or Nomex honeycomb. After production, measurements of the pores inside the core foam structures, the fiber package thickness inside the face sheets, and the density homogeneity of the core structure were made using X-ray computed tomography. The failure mode maps were based on the individual mechanical properties of the face sheets and the core, determined by mechanical testing. The critical forces determining the failure modes were partially modified to fit the application on foam core structures and face sheets with a porous matrix. The verification of the failure modes was performed with four-point bending tests. Since all tested configurations of sandwich specimens were produced using the same process route, the applied models for the creation of the failure mode maps could be verified for numerous parameter combinations. Except for two parameters with inconstant properties, the failure modes determined by the failure mode maps matched the observed failure modes determined by the bending tests.