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Synthesis of a new phosphorylated ethylamine, thereon based phosphonamidates and their application as flame retardants

: Garth, Kim; Klinkowski, Christoph; Fuhr, Olaf; Döring, Manfred


Heteroatom chemistry 28 (2017), Nr.6, Art. e21407
ISSN: 1042-7163
ISSN: 1098-1071
Fraunhofer LBF ()
phosphorylated ethymalime; phosphonamidates; flame retardant

A new phosphorylated ethylamine salt was synthesized that releases the free amine in situ under water‐free conditions. This storable precursor molecule was used to synthesize a mono‐substituted cyanuric chloride. Further substitutions could not be performed due to the low reactivity of this cyanuric chloride derivative. Also, two novel, bridged phosphonamidates were prepared. Owing to the P‐N synergy, they show enlarged char yields and therefore are promising flame retardants.