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Information and power terminals: A reliable microgrid infrastructure for use in disaster scenarios

: Lombardi, Pio; Hänsch, Kathleen; Arendarski, Bartlomiej; Komarnicki, Przemyslaw


International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection : IJCIP 19 (2017), S.49-58
ISSN: 1874-5482
Fraunhofer IFF ()

An absence of information during a catastrophe or terrorist attack significantly increases panic in the affected population. Ensuring that the communications infrastructure is operational during crisis situations is therefore essential. Solutions that safeguard the energy supply and data transmission are needed to assure communications. During a major disaster, the supply of electricity to communications equipment may be disrupted and the communications network may be overloaded or elements of it may be destroyed. This paper discusses the use of information and power terminals that leverage microgrid systems to provide information and power to a population during a major disaster.