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Experimental study for transmitter imperfections in DVB-T based passive radar

: Bournaka, G.; Ummenhofer, M.; Cristallini, D.; Palmer, J.; Summers, A.


IEEE transactions on aerospace and electronic systems 54 (2018), Nr.3, S.1341-1354
ISSN: 0018-9251
ISSN: 1557-9603
Fraunhofer FHR ()

We investigate effects of transmitter imperfections in terms of time and frequency offsets on the performance of DVB-T based passive radars. To facilitate an accurate reconstruction of the transmitted waveform, transmitter imperfections need to be understood and compensated. The transmitter introduced clock imperfections are estimated and compensated via two different methods and tested on real field measurements acquired in Germany and Australia for single frequency and multiple frequency networks.