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Challenges in the drug release testing of next-generation nanomedicines - what do we know?

: Wacker, M.G.

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Materials today. Proceedings 4 (2017), Supplement 2, S.S214-S217
ISSN: 2214-7853
NRW Nano-Conference <7, 2016, Münster>
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Despite all advances in drug delivery, the limitations of the analytical technologies involved in the characterization of next-generation nanomedicines are still impeding further progress of an emerging market. Discriminating between different formulations and batches, drug release is one of the most important quality criteria in development and quality control of pharmaceutics. Unfortunately, there are only few methods available to sensitively measure this important parameter for nanosized carriers. With the development of the dispersion releaser (DR) technology our group has set up a dialysis-based technique that was tested with a number of nanocarrier and nanocrystal formulations such as liposomes and polymeric nanoparticles. By supporting formulation development with a more reliable methodology to assess the drug release from nanosized carriers, a first step has been made to improve future products.