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Manufacturing Induced Properties

Determination, Understanding, and Beneficial Use
: Ahmels, L.; Bott, A.-K.; Bruder, E.; Gibbels, M.; Gramlich, S.; Hansmann, M.; Karin, I.; Kohler, M.; Lipp, K.; Melz, T.; Müller, C.; Neufeld, D.; Niehuesbernd, J.; Roos, M.; Tomasella, A.; Ulbrich, S.; Wagener, R.; Walter, A.


Groche, P.:
Manufacturing Integrated Design : Sheet Metal Product and Process Innovation
Cham: Springer, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-319-52376-7
ISBN: 3-319-52376-7
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Based on its procedural principle, every manufacturing technology affects a variety of properties of the workpiece or product in a characteristic way (Sect. 2.3). The sum of all those properties which comprise geometrical as well as material-related ones is considered as manufacturing-induced properties. While the geometric manufacturing-induced properties are often the reason why a specific technology is chosen by the designer for the manufacturing of a certain product, the material-related manufacturing-induced properties are often seen as by-products of the process. With regard to metal forming, all manufacturing processes inherently influence the mechanical properties of the manufactured material. In many cases, these mechanical manufacturing-induced properties are merely regarded in terms of restrictions in product development. However, with respect to a manufacturing-integrated product development approach, the mechanical properties are of special interest, since we aim at utilizing their full potential to maximize the product performance.