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Spatially resolved X-ray diffraction measurements on (Al,Ga)N/GaN/4H-SiC heterostructures for electronic devices

Ortsaufgelöste Röntgendiffraktionsmessungen an (Al,Ga)N/GaN/4H-SiC Heterostrukturen für elektronische Bauelemente
: Kirste, L.; Müller, S.; Kiefer, R.; Quay, R.; Köhler, K.; Herres, N.


Wang, Z.:
11th International Conference on Defects - Recognition Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors, DRIP 2005 : Sept. 13 - 19 in Beijing
Oxford: Pergamon, 2006 (Materials science in semiconductor processing 9.2006, Nr.1/3, Special issue)
International Conference on Defects - Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors (DRIP) <11, 2005, Beijing>
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Fraunhofer IAF ()
x-ray topography; Röntgenstrahltopographie; x-ray curvature measurement; Röntgenverkrümmungsmessung; structural defect; Strukturdefekt; stress; Streß; GaN

Structural defects and their impact on the performance of electronic devices are of permanent interest for crystal growers and device manufacturers. This is especially true for epitaxial (Al,Ga)N/GaN-based high electron mobility transistor structures on 4H-SiC (0 0 0 1) substrates. This work concentrates on the recognition and imaging of defects in (Al,Ga)N/GaN/4H-SiC(0001) heterostructures accomplished non-destructively by three X-ray diffraction techniques. X-ray topography and X-ray Bragg angle mapping are compared with respect to the spatial resolution of the defects. X-ray curvature measurements are used to quantify long-ranging stresses in the heterostructure during device fabrication.