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Simulation of active systems in a NVH full car model

: Atzrodt, H.; Herold, S.; Mayer, D.

Mota Soares, C.A.:
III European Conference on Computational Mechanics - Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering, ECCM 2006. CD-ROM : Held in the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal 5th - 8th June 2006.
Berlin: Springer Netherland, 2006
9 S.
European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM) <3, 2006, Lissabon>
Fraunhofer LBF ()
interface; simulation; aktives System; FASPAS; vibration

Vibrations in the higher frequency range in cars can result in disturbing noise and reduction of comfort. An active interface or a force actuator mounted between suspension and chassis can reduce these vibrations. The simulation of the full car model with the active interface or a force actuator is essential for the dimensioning of the active system, development of the controller, testing of the functionality, estimation of the performance and monitoring of the system reliability. An active interface has been developed and is currently improved in the Fraunhofer FASPAS project. With the simulation of the active Interface first experiences can be gathered even before the interface is integrated in the real structure. In this case the force actuator is composed of smart actuators based on piezoceramic materials. The application of a controller should reduce disturbing vibrations. The simulation is a helpful software tool for selection of the smart actuators and for construction of the force actuator. In this paper a NVH full car model based on FEM and MBS will be conducted. The suspension will be designed in the MBS and embedded in the chassis, which is imported with its elastic eigenmodes from the FEM into the MBS. After integration of the active systems into the MBS model, the controller will be imported from Computer Aided Control Engineering (CACE). The potential of the active systems will be examined by means of a complete system simulation of the active NVH full car model.