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Zuzugsmagnet Grossstadt - Profile aktueller Zuwanderer. Das Beispiel Leipzig

: Welz, Juliane; Haase, Annegret; Kabisch, Sigrun


DISP. Netzwerk Stadt und Landschaft 53 (2017), Nr.3, S.18-32
ISSN: 0251-3625
ISSN: 0521-3625
ISSN: 2166-8604
Fraunhofer IMW ()

In Germany, major cities have increasingly become targets for immigration in recent years. The new attractiveness of cities has consequences for local housing markets. The question arises of how these new immigration flows can be channelled in order to meet the broad spectrum of demand and to align housing policies with current and future needs. Therefore, knowledge about new urbanites and their residential preferences and expectations as regards desired housing location is absolutely necessary. Against this background, the article investigates the different types of immigrants to the city of Leipzig and their housing demands. Since the 2010s after being the most prominent example of a shrinking city in eastern Germany in the 1990s Leipzig has become one of the fastest growing cities in Germany. Based on a 2014 citywide household survey and a cluster analysis, profiles of the various immigrant groups are identified, analysed and discussed in relation to their housing demand and choice. The results show that the different groups of newcomers present both a number of common housing demands as well as specific requirements. Based on these results, consequences for the housing market are discussed, not just in the case of Leipzig, but also for large cities in Germany facing increased immigration in general.