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Musicians and their practice rooms: What do they think about present room acoustics and what would they prefer?

Was denken Musiker über die derzeitigen raumakustischen Verhältnisse ihrer Probenräume und was würden sie sich wünschen?
: Knöfel, Björn; Troge, Jan; Weisheit, Linda

European Acoustics Association -EAA-:
Euronoise 2018, 11th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering : Reduce Noise to Improve Life, Heraklion, Crete, 27-31 May 2018
Heraklion, 2018
European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering (Euronoise) <11, 2018, Heraklion>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Akustik; Raumakustik; Statistik; Musik; smart material

Musicians who play an instrument are often confronted with rooms for rehearsal and practice which do not always suit their acoustic expectations and demands. In talks with musicians, they often mention a desire for room acoustic improvements including variable acoustic adjustments. To better estimate the musicians’ demands, a questioning of 41 professional and semi-professional musicians, music teachers and sound engineers out of a mostly classical background had been undertaken. Besides their musical and instrumental preferences, all of the musicians were asked to characterize their typical practice resp. rehearsal room with up to 20 attribute pairs out of different perception levels. The same attributes were used from each participant to characterize a subjective perfect practice room. With the aid of statistic calculations, a set of main acoustic qualities will be derived. The study presents room acoustic demands out of the musicians’ and music teachers’ sight. The results of the questioning provide suggestions concerning room acoustic modifications and try to answer the question, to what content a practice room needs to be acoustic variable.