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Dielectric spectroscopy of Pyr14TFSI and Pyr12O1TFSI ionic liquids

: Jablonskas, Dziugas; Ivanov, Maksim; Banys, Juras; Giffin, Guinevere A.; Passerini, Stefano


Electrochimica Acta 274 (2018), S.400-405
ISSN: 0013-4686
Fraunhofer ISC ()
ionische Flüssigkeit; dielektrische Spektroskopie; Mikrowelle; elektrische Leitfähigkeit; elektrischer Widerstand

Due to the conductivity of ionic liquids (IL), the dipolar dynamics are covered by charge separation phenomenon, which leads to difficulties extracting necessary parameters, i.e. static dielectric permittivity. We suggest a procedure, which allows relatively easy extracting parameters of dipolar dynamics of IL. Our experiments were performed on Pyr14TFSI and Pyr12O1TFSI ILs. Obtained results allowed comparing the dipolar dynamics of both materials. The factor, which makes the static dielectric permittivity of Pyr12O1TFSI to be higher than that of Pyr14TFSI may be accounted for the permanent dipole of Pyr12O1+ cation.