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Towards a theoretical assessment of the link between research and standardization

: Gauch, S.

Coenen, H. ; European Academy for Standardization -EURAS-:
11th EURAS Workshop on Standardisation and Networks 2006. Proceedings : Hamburg, 8-9 June 2006
Aachen: Wissenschaftsverlag Mainz, 2006 (Aachener Beiträge zur Informatik 38)
ISBN: 3-86130-836-3
ISBN: 978-3-86130-836-2
Workshop on Standardisation and Networks <11, 2006, Hamburg>
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This paper proposes a concept to address the link between research and standardisation in terms of a fonn of technology transfer. The model seeks to integrale both subjective and ob-jective aspects of this technology transfer by highlighting the hiatus between objectivist insti-tutionally inflicted barriers of this transfer and subjectivist elements based in the incentive and motivational structure of researchers and developers by linking aspects from evolutionary economics, social constructivism, an actor related Strand of neo-institutionalism and theories of technology transfer into one coherent framework.