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Vision and characteristics of multi KETs pilot lines

Intermediary report. Version 5.0
: Heide, Marcel de; Butter, Maurits; Kappen, Danny; Thielmann, Axel; Braun, Annette; Meister, Michael; Holden, David; Livesey, Finbarr; O'Sullivan, Eoin; Hartmann, Christian; Zaldua, Mirari; Olivieri, Nicolo; Turno, Leo; Deschryvere, Matthias; Lehenkari, Janne; Ypma, Patricia; McNally, Peter; Vries, Mark de

Delft, 2013, 58 S.
European Commission EC
mKETs-Pilot lines project
The Multi Key Enabling Technologies Pilot lines project
Fraunhofer ISI ()

This report represents an intermediary deliverable of the mKETs-Pilot line project. Its aim is to create a level playing field for discussion on policy recommendations for multi-KETs Pilot production activities by introducing current thinking on relevant key-concepts. In the course of the project, this report will further evolve; key-concepts will be further defined, using the outcomes of the workshops, additional insights through expert interviews and desk research, and Phase II Demonstrator case studies. Elements of the report should subsequently be regarded as preliminary hypothesis, to be refined and finalised in later stages of the project.