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Hysociety Action Plan

Twenty European Institutions Working to Facilitate the Introduction of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier. April 2005. Recommendation of the HySociety Project: HySociety Partner
: Graca Carvalho, M. da; Fernandes, R.; Wietschel, M.
: Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa -UTL-, Instituto Superior Tecnico -IST-; European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport

Lisboa: IST, 2005, 47 S.
Fraunhofer ISI ()

The project addresses the research to date on non-technical barriers to the deployment of hydrogen energy systems. This final document delivers lines of action on codes and standards, measures for addressing infrastructure build-up and recommendations on the dissemination to different sectors of society such as the general public, decision makers and business leaders. The social, economic and environmental impacts of hydrogen technologies are reviewed, in an effort to highlight the opportunities for establishing hydrogen energy systems in Europe.