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Product flexible car body fixtures with position-dependent load balancing based on finite element method in combination with methods of artificial intelligence

Produktflexible Karosseriebauvorrichtungen mit positionsabhängigem Lastausgleich auf Basis der Finite-Elemente-Methode in Kombination mit Methoden der künstlichen Intelligenz
: Fritzsche, Rayk; Richter, Andreas; Putz, Matthias

Volltext (PDF; )

Procedia CIRP 67 (2018), S.452-457
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME) <11, 2017, Naples>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWU ()
quality management; body in white; ramp up; artificial intelligence; neuronal network; database

In car-body production, the fixtures used for fixing the car-body panels during the joining processes predominantly consist of rigid constructions that are precise and specific for one car-model. In addition to the already presented automatic adaptation of such fixtures, and specific for the production of many different car-models using same fixture, different clamping robots have been developed. In order to meet the high quality requirements, the positional deviations of these clamping robots are adjusted due to different external loads. This control loop is carried out using a combination of finite element method, mathematical algorithms and modern methods of artificial intelligence.