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Autostereoskopischer Bildschirm und dessen Verwendung zm Wiedergeben dreidimensional wahrnehmbarer Bilder

Autostereoscopic screen and use thereof to reproduce three-dimensionally perceptible images
: Barré, René de la; Jurk, Silvio; Kuhlmey, Mathias

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DE 102016202431 A1: 20160217
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to an autostereoscopic screen for reproducing at least two different images, each visible from one of a corresponding number of laterally offset observation zones (25, 25'), comprising a pixel matrix (21), which has a plurality of pixels of at least three different basic colors, which pixels are arranged in rows, and comprising an optical barrier (22), which is arranged in front of or behind the pixel matrix (21) and which is designed to apply a defined propagation direction to light emanating from the pixels or transmitted by the pixels and to conduct said light into one of the different observation zones (25, 25'), wherein the optical barrier (22) has filter elements for this purpose, each of which is transparent for light of exactly one of the basic colors at least in one possible state, and wherein each row of the pixel matrix (21) is formed by pixels of the same basic color. The invention further relates to a use of said screen to reproduce autostereoscopically three-dimensionally perceptible images.