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Interactive Storytelling & Audio Apps for HbbTV

Vortrag gehalten auf dem Forum Medientechnik und All Around Audio Symposium, 23./24. November 2016, St.Pölten
: Patz, Nico; Brennecke, Angela; Fuhrhop, Christian

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2016, 4 S.
Forum Medientechnik und All Around Audio Symposium <2016, St.Pölten>
European Commission EC
Horizon 2020; 687921; MPAT
Multi-platform application toolkit
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

The Multiplatform Application Toolkit (MPAT) is an open source authoring system for creating interactive HTML-based applications to be published on HbbTV or other web platforms. The primary user group of the system are journalists who can supplement their stories with interactive HbbTV applications. Central aspect of the project is to explore different use cases for interactive HbbTV applications to better understand the technical requirements as well as the consumers' adoption of such applications. A first pilot demo addresses a younger audience with a music related programme: To motivate the audience to interact with TV programmes, the project consortium developed an interactive audio application that allows TV viewers to play along to music videos on the TV screen. MPAT is based on WordPress and supports easy integration of different audio-visual media formats like, for example, mp3, mp4, or even 360° video, among others.