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Deliverable D6.2 - External Pilot Operations

: Karantjias, Thanos; Papastergiou, Spyros; Minardi, Andrea; Squarzina, Alberto; Cocor, Gabriel; Duzha, Armend; Salazar, Pablo Giménez; Company, Rafael; Bosse, Claudia; Klein, Gunther; Fiedler, Ralf; Papagianopoulos, Yannis; Glykos, Stamatios; Vasilakopoulos, Vassilis; Douligeris, Christos; Chatzikou, Menia; Stavrakakis, Ioannis; Salichos, Petros

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Erstellt am: 30.5.2018

Brussels: European Commission, 2018, 30 S.
European Commission EC
H2020; 653212; MITIGATE
Multidimensional, integrated, risk assessment framework and dynamic, collaborative Risk Management tools for critical information infrastructures
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Fraunhofer IML ()
MITIGATE; critical information infrastructure; Information Communication Technology; International Standardization Organization; Supply Chain Service; assurance models; game theory; security management; maritime logistic and transport company; Supply Chain; standard; cyber-security; port security; requirement; interdependency graphs; maritime cyber regulation; risk assessment

The main MITIGATE scope is to provide an innovative Maritime Security System, which integrates an effective, collaborative, standards‐based (i.e. ISO27001, ISO28000) Risk Management services’ platform for Maritime Organizations and Critical Infrastructures (i.e. ports). Specifically, it enables Maritime Organizations to manage their security in a holistic, integrated and cost‐effective manner, while at the same time producing and sharing knowledge associated with the identification, assessment and quantification of cascading effects from their Supply Chain (SC). Since, the first stable version of the MITIGATE system is already up and running, it has been presented to all involved Business Partners and the training material of all types (online help, videos, etc.) is already prepared, the consortium prepared all pilot sites to first involve their internal users. The main objective of deliverable D6.2 is to present the results of the MITIGATE pilot’s operations with external pilot users, and their organization, considering the pilot scenarios specified in WP2 and WP5 and the training processes performed in WP5.