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Clearing the sky from the clouds - the Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis (MICA) project

: Machacek, Erika; Falck, Eberhard; Delfini, Claudia; Erdmann, Lorenz; Petavratzi, Evi; Voet, Ester van der; Cassard, Daniel

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European geologist (2017), Nr.44, S.48-53
ISSN: 1028-267X
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ISI ()

MICA develops the EU-RMICP with an innovative visualization interface that guides the user to a ‘recipe’ for how to find answers to particular mineral raw material related questions. This is different from a database providing pre-formulated answers to questions: MICA offers an expert-designed pathway towards answers by means of an exhaustive catalogue of data sources and peer-reviewed information with relevance to the user question. Thus, MICA enables the user to explore data, acquire information and build up knowledge, rather than being given narrow, pre-formulated answers. The MICA Platform endeavours to cater for profes­sional as well as general public stakeholders.