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Damage modelling of automobile components and adhesive joints under crash loading

: Sun, D.-Z.; Andrieux, F.; Memhard, D.; Sommer, S.; Feucht, M.; Frank, T.

Society of Automotive Engineers -SAE-, China:
China International Conference of Automotive Safety Technology 2006. Proceedings
Beijing: SAE China, 2006
International Conference of Automotive Safety Technology <2006, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
material characterization; adhesive joint; damage model; crash simulation

Damage behaviour of materials depends strongly on stress triaxiality and cannot be modelled with simple damage models based on a constant fracture strain. Moreover, strain-rate dependence and variations of local mechanical properties caused by manufacturing e.g. casting or forming have to be taken into account in simulations. To prove crashworthiness behaviour an evaluation chain including material characterization, numerical simulation with a suitable damage model and verification by component tests has been established. Special experimental techniques for material characterisation and component tests were developed. Different damage models were analysed and compared. The applied damage concept was verified in terms of two examples i.e. a motor carrier of an aluminium die cast alloy and a B-column of a high strength steel. Another example for the application of damage models is the modelling of the load-bearing capacity of adhesive joints. A material model for strain-rate dependent and plastic compressible behaviour was developed to model deformation behaviour of adhesives and a method for the identification of material parameters was established.