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Generation of functional surfaces by using a simulation tool for surface prediction and micro structuring of cold-working steel with ultrasonic vibration assisted face milling

Generierung funktionaler Oberflächen mit einem Simulationsalgorithmus zur Prognose von Mikrostrukturen durch Fertigung mit ultraschallgestütztem Stirnfräsen
: Börner, Richard; Winkler, Sebastian; Junge,Thomas; Titsch, Christian; Schubert, Andreas; Drossel, Welf-Guntram


Journal of materials processing technology 255 (2018), S.749-759
ISSN: 0924-0136
Fraunhofer IWU ()
functional surface; micro structuring; surface prediction; ultrasonic vibration assisted milling

The industrial production of technical systems is characterized by increasing demands on performance sustainability, resource efficiency and manufacturing costs. As a result, surfaces with special properties become more important. Therefore, their functionalisation is subject of many fields of research. Typical application ranges are improving haptics, the generation of optical effects or the reduction of friction in mechanical as well as fluidic systems. Furthermore, functional surfaces can contribute to an increase of the adhesive strength of coatings and coating systems, respectively. This can extend the implementation possibilities for the substrate material. Due to its defined cutting edge geometry and kinematics, the ultrasonic vibration assisted milling (UVAM) represents a suitable method for a reproducible generation of a defined micro structure. Accordingly, an ultrasonic vibration system was implemented in a high precision machining centre and initial experimental investigations were carried out. Moreover, a surface simulation tool was developed and used for the structure design and modelling, which predicts a virtual micro structure using the relevant parameters. In the first tests, a high degree of conformity with the machined surfaces could already be achieved. Thus, a possibility for economic micro structuring of components made of steel was developed.