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Multimodal mechanistic signatures for neurodegenerative diseases (NeuroMMSig): A web server for mechanism enrichment

: Domingo-Fernández, Daniel; Kodamullil, Alpha Tom; Iyappan, Anandhi; Naz, Mufassra; Emon, Mohammad Asif; Raschka, Tamara; Karki, Reagon; Springstubbe, Stephan; Ebeling, Christian; Hofmann-Apitius, Martin

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Bioinformatics 33 (2017), Nr.22, S.3679-3681
ISSN: 1367-4803
ISSN: 1460-2059
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Fraunhofer SCAI ()

The concept of a ‘mechanism-based taxonomy of human disease’ is currently replacing the outdated paradigm of diseases classified by clinical appearance. We have tackled the paradigm of mechanism-based patient subgroup identification in the challenging area of research on neurodegenerative diseases.
We have developed a knowledge base representing essential pathophysiology mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. Together with dedicated algorithms, this knowledge base forms the basis for a ‘mechanism-enrichment server’ that supports the mechanistic interpretation of multiscale, multimodal clinical data.
Availability and implementation
NeuroMMSig is available at