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Reliability growth model for a diode laser-based tape winding machine

Presentation held at 33rd International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2017, Proceedings, 2017, 6th - 7th November, Vicenza, Italy
: Reina, Alice; Merlo, Angelo; Schäkel, Martin; Aggogeri, Francesco

2017, 8 S.
International CAE Conference and Exhibition <33, 2018, Vicenza>
Fraunhofer IPT ()
reliability growth analysis; reliasoft synthesis; machinery; Faserverbund; Zuverlässigkeit; Prozessanalyse
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Considering the key role played by maintenance related costs in the operative life of Machine Tools (MT), Reliability issues must be addressed starting from the very beginning of the system design. In this framework a statistical model is proposed, based on Reliability Growth Analysis (RGA), aimed at improving the mean life of the system components. This kind of analysis is no common practice in machinery and the model here proposed is applied to a laser-assisted tape winding machine, currently at prototype stage. Failure data, collected according to a systematic procedure during the machine test-find- test trials, are analyzed using Reliasoft Synthesis Platform according to a Crow/AMSAA based extended model. Actual and projected Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) are calculated through simulations of various scenarios and the Growth Potential of the system is assessed. Improvements based on reasonable effectiveness factors are suggested to increase reliability performances of the machine.