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Social networked industry - An integrated approach

White paper
: Tüllmann, Carina; Ten Hompel, M.; Nettsträter, Andreas; Prasse, Christian
: Ten Hompel, M.; Henke, Michael; Clausen, Uwe

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Erstellt am: 16.6.2018

Dortmund: Fraunhofer IML, 2018, 21 S.
Future Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 8
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IML ()
horizontal networking; human-technology interaktion; Industrie 4.0; sozio-technisches System; social manufacturing; future work; Social Networked Industry; smart devices; Economy 4.0; industry 4.0; Work 4.0

Social Networked Industry puts cooperation between humans and machines at the centre of the increasingly networked world of business and develops solutions to serve humans and benefit companies. This structural project aims to develop an integrated and socio-technical vision of digital logistics and production. It looks into many key questions of the networked economy and is seen as a shared task for businesses, politics and society.