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Investigation on inkjet printing for electromagnetic applications

: Hartwig, M.; Polomoshnov, M.; Zichner, R.; Baumann, R.R.

Baumann, R.R. ; Chemnitz University of Technology, Institute for Printing and Media Technology:
Printing Future Days 2017. 7th International Scientific Conference on Print and Media Technology for Junior Scientists and PhD Students. Proceedings : October 04-06, 2017, Chemnitz, Germany
Berlin: VWB Verlag für Wissen und Bildung, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-86135-627-1
ISBN: 3-86135-627-9
Printing Future Days <7, 2017, Chemnitz>
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

In numerous interconnected radio frequency applications electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and attenuation of electromagnetic waves has to be observed. In case of electromagnetic devices (e.g. magnetic resonance tomography, radar. . . ) with high output power it is important to shield EMC sensitive devices close to. Or in case of commercial Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications for example in automobiles limiting of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network to a defined area to protect these wireless networks from unwanted external access and disturbances is crucial. First of all a brief investigation on inkjet-printed silver lines on flexible films is demonstrated. The geometrical and electrical properties of the lines are the basis for the realization of silver grids which can be used on the one hand to attenuate electromagnetic waves locally or on the other hand to protect EMC sensitive devices close to electromagnetic transmitters. The inkjet-printing technology is a resource, time as well as cost efficient manufacturing method for various electronic devices. Small amounts of functional material can be applied on flexible substrates. Inkjet-printed silver grids are investigated with regard to precise line geometries given by simulations. The deviation of the printed line widths from the simulated ones should be kept as small as possible to realize the intended attenuation of the electromagnetic radiation in a specified frequency range.