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Exploring the link between internationalization of top management and accounting quality

The CFO's international experience matters
: Dauth, T.; Pronobis, P.; Schmid, S.


International business review 26 (2017), Nr.1, S.71-88
ISSN: 0969-5931
Fraunhofer IMW ()

This study examines whether and how top management internationalization is associated with accounting quality. We combine upper echelons perspectives, agency theory, human capital theory and accounting research, and demonstrate that top management internationalization mitigates the level of managerial discretion in financial reporting. By decomposing the top management team, our analysis reveals that higher levels of accounting quality are associated with the internationalization of the CFO, not the internationalization of the CEO. In particular, we find that CFO's international education and international work experience are important factors in higher accounting quality.