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Psychophysiology-based QoE assessment: A survey

: Engelke, U.; Darcy, D.P.; Mulliken, G.H.; Bosse, S.; Martini, M.G.; Arndt, S.; Antons, J.-N.; Chan, K.Y.; Ramzan, N.; Brunnström, K.


IEEE journal of selected topics in signal processing 11 (2017), Nr.1, S.6-21
ISSN: 1932-4553
ISSN: 1941-0484
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We present a survey of psychophysiology-based assessment for quality of experience (QoE) in advanced multimedia technologies. We provide a classification of methods relevant to QoE and describe related psychological processes, experimental design considerations, and signal analysis techniques. We summarize multimodal techniques and discuss several important aspects of psychophysiology-based QoE assessment, including the synergies with psychophysical assessment and the need for standardized experimental design. This survey is not considered to be exhaustive but serves as a guideline for those interested to further explore this emerging field of research.