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The dispersion releaser technology is an effective method for testing drug release from nanosized drug carriers

: Janas, C.; Mast, M.P.; Kirsamer, L.; Angioni, C.; Gao, F.; Mäntele, W.; Dressman, J.; Wacker, M.G.


European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 115 (2017), S.73-83
ISSN: 0939-6411
ISSN: 1873-3441
Fraunhofer IME ()

The dispersion releaser (DR) is a dialysis-based setup for the analysis of the drug release from nanosized drug carriers. It is mounted into dissolution apparatus 2 of the United States Pharmacopoeia. The present study evaluated the DR technique investigating the drug release of the model compound flurbiprofen from drug solution and from nanoformulations composed of the drug and the polymer materials poly (lactic acid), poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) or Eudragit (R) RS PO. The drug loaded nanocarriers ranged in size between 185.9 and 273.6 nm and were characterized by a monomodal size distribution (PDI < 0.1). The membrane permeability constants of flurbiprofen were calculated and mathematical modeling was applied to obtain the normalized drug release profiles. For comparing the sensitivities of the DR and the dialysis bag technique, the differences in the membrane permeation rates were calculated. Finally, different formulation designs of flurbiprofen were sensitively discriminated using the DR technology. The mechanism of drug release from the nanosized carriers was analyzed by applying two mathematical models described previously, the reciprocal powered time model and the three parameter model.