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The future of work in the digital transformation

Agility, lifelong learning and the role of employers and works councils in changing times ; a paper by the acatech and Jacobs Foundation Human Resources Working Group – Forum for HR Directors on the Future of Work
: Jacobs, Johann C.; Kagermann, Henning; Spath, Dieter; Bauer, Wilhelm; Hofmann, Josephine

Volltext (PDF; )

München: Utz, 2017, 62 S. : Ill.
acatech Diskussion
ISSN: 2192-6182
Buch, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IAO ()
Arbeit; Digitalisierung; Agilität; Lernen; Mitbestimmung

The digital transformation will result in fundamental changes to work and organisational processes within companies. These changes must be shaped in a way that benefits businesses and employees in equal measure. The HR-Kreis (HR Working Group) – a forum for Human Resources Directors and academic experts created in 2014 by acatech and the Jacobs Foundation – identified three aspects that are critical to this goal: organisational agility, a wider under¬standing of lifelong learning and the innovation-oriented develop¬ment of company-level co-determination. In this acatech DISCUSSION, the HR Working Group sets out the key challenges in these three areas and formulates proposals as to how corporate policy, statutory regulations and co-determination procedures can be developed in order to achieve a successful trans¬formation. The observations in this report are based on the belief that employees should have their own individual say in shaping the digital transformation. This will require a new form of governance that promotes a willingness to embrace change and creates the freedom to experiment.